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Medicine man makes my day
Cambridge Times - Letters - Jul 15, 2008

Both of my children recently needed antibiotics to clear up their illness.

The doctor was concerned as to how we were going to get the children to take the medicine, as she recalled it being the most disgusting taste. She even went to the extent of calling a pediatrician for advice and stated even if I only get two doses in a day, it will at least be something.

Before I left the office, she handed me a paper with the name of a compounding pharmacy. She told me to get the prescription filled there, that the pharmacist had dedicated his career to trying to mask the taste of harsh medicines for children. Off I went to fill the prescription.

The Prescription Shoppe is a small local pharmacy located in Galt. The pharmacists were very pleasant and helpful. When we got home I administered the first dose to the kids, prepared to grin and bear it. As I opened the bottles, I found myself craving an ice-cream sundae. The medication smelled wonderful.

After the dose went down, both children were asking for more. I called the pharmacist to thank him. He was so grateful and told me I had made his day, but Sherif Hanna, you made my next 10.

Rebecca Barry

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