Veterinary Compounding Services

The Prescription Shoppe is a compounding pharmacy where our compounding services extend Petsbeyond the scope of human medicine. Our role is to help veterinarians solve problems for patients with special needs.

We can customize a pet's medication according to size, taste and easily administered dosage forms. Veterinarians have to deal with unique problems. We help solve these problems for small and large animals.

Our veterinarian compounding services include:
Small Dosages
Matching the dose with the animal's size is perhaps the most important function a compounding pharmacist can provide for small animal veterinarians. For example, keeping the volume dose of medication as small as possible, removing the bitter taste, then adding an appealing flavor are generally necessary to prepare a cat's medication. A tasty, concentrated 1-mL dosage -- squeezed onto a cat's paw -- will certainly get licked off since cats don't like having something on their paws.
Veterinary Medicine Flavoring
Many commercially available medicines are not flavored for veterinary use. We can make compliance much easier by creating a customized product that even a finicky cat won't mind taking. We have many different flavors in our lab and the experience to give each medicine the appropriate taste for each animal. We have the usual beef, chicken or fish but what about some of our more exotic animal patients? We make flavored medicine such as green apple for a marmoset, raspberry for an iguana or a pigeon, malt for a goat, grape for a cockatoo, cheese for a rat, banana for a ferret, and apple or orange for exotic birds.
Commercially Unavailable Medicine
If a manufacturer no longer makes a medication, we can often obtain the pure pharmaceutical powder and ensure your client continues on their prescribed medication regimen.

Special Note For Veterinarians

We can supply your office or your patients directly according to your preference.

Respecting our veterinarians business, we do not dispense or stock veterinary products such as heartworm preventatives, vaccines, dewormers, etc., which are sold in most veterinarian offices.

We ask that you keep us in mind when you are looking for a better solution to manage your patient's conditions. We will be happy to be "your problem solvers"!

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